Monday, July 14, 2008

Downloads free but not fair


Fast broadband connections have made way for fast downloads. And few people even think of it as illegal.

Games, movies and music are now only a download away. And youngsters have no qualms doing just that. Says Eliyas , an engineering student, “I usually borrow from others who’ve downloaded stuff , so I don’t feel guilty because I’m not directly involved. “ Medical student Rahul B says, “ I’ve never though of it as illegal. It’s just timepass I don’t forward or circulate stuff I download.” Rekha another student , explains why she downloads movies. “ I can’t afford multiplex tickets fro every film I want to see. What I download is entirely fro personal use, so I don’t think I’m breaking any ways.”
Some says they are selective about what they download. According to Darshan Y, engineering stydent, “ Even the DVDs you rent are often paired. So you are part of the chain anyway . But I know Bollywood suffers because of piracy, so I never download Hindi films.”
Easy option
Says Aditya, who downloads international music and movies, “now, you have peer-to-peer sharing procedure fro downloads, which means you don’t have sit for hours to finish the job. I just put on the list and leave for college and by the time I get back the job is done.”
Adds shwetha, I find downloading an easy option; when I get clear print quality free of cost, why should I spend on originals ?” Her recent downloads include Ratatouille, Chak De! India, the Bourne threequel and Transformer. “I’m crazy about sitcoms too and am tempted to download them way before they are aired in India,” she adds.
Agrees Darshan whose sitcoms downloads include 24, Prison Break and Black adder, “ I download sitcoms because it’s exciting to watch them at a stretch, rather than waiting for the weekly episodes.”

It’s free!
For rahul it’s entirely about saving money. “I download themes, songs and games for my cell phone because I believe in experimenting with them and obviously this ahs to be free of cost. Often I like just one song an album, so I download that one song rather then buy the whole album, “ he says. Naturally. These music and movie buffs rarely every buy original stuff. “I don’t think I would have actually bought albums or DVD more than six times in the last four years.” Says Aditya.

Bad for business
Ashwin S Nair, area manager for a music retail store, concedes that when youngsters-a key segment of the market for their business-Download music and movies. It means a loss in revenue. “ To give you an example we have a store in manipal that does good business among the student community. But last year, after many of the institute gave laptops to students, we recorded a drop in sales. What happened was that some students were downloading stuff and circulating in on campus. “ Ashwini adds that it’s to be that practice that several companies are slashing original prices. As fro games, Rekha venkatesh , game developer, says student can’t download games from the net as they’ll never get the whole version. But what they is by one original game and copy and circulate.”

Expert View
People have to be made aware of the security threats of downloading; companies also have to cut prices. A professional photographer will by original software for his use, but a layman who just want to experiment will download the software. So if companies make soft ware more affordable, more people will be encouraged to buy originals. Software users must also be made aware that free downloads come with a lot viruses and are also vulnerable to hacking.”

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Space history

Space history

19/08/1960 is a Photo graph day. And in history the same date Agu 19/08/1960 as part of “Sputnik space program” Soviet Russia has sent on artificial satellite “Sputnik-5” in to the space in that it has sent 2 dogs namely “Bella and strella ” and 2 cats, 40 rats and same several kinds of plants. After 1 day it successfully returned. They ware the 1st living organisms to enter Space and to return back safely. A pessimist sees the difficult in every opportunity. Try not become a man of success but a man of value .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy about Kat

Crazy about Kat!

Five back to back hit have increased Katrena Kaif’s popularity not only in the industry but also with the male papulace. While the cricket fever has caught on in the country because of IPL, the cricketers too are crazy about kat. Ishant Sharma first confessed that he had a massive crush on Ms Kaif. Reams of mews print has been devoted to Ishant’s crush already and here comes the next clincher. Apparently, Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist too has confessed to nursing a crush on the gorgeous actress. When Adam is not playing or watching cricket, he is checking out Bollywood stars, particularly Katrina. “ I have’t seen any of her movies’ but I like katrena. She is a cute girl. Katrena has a different kind of charms, “he says. From ishant to Adam, looks like kats driving them all crazy. We hope boyfriend Salman khan doesn’t mind.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rahman remixes

Rahman remixes

AR Rahman, who isn’t a fan of remixes, for the first time, given into composing a bbas Tyrewala directed filmremix number for the Amir khan produced and a Jaan Tu Ya jaane Na. Rahaman tell as, “It’s a very fresh , light, Romantic comedy.

Peppu can’t dhance Is a song that is very happy and upbeat. It’s a nice song and has the potential to be a hit at disco and pubs, so I made an exception and remixed my own song “ The music maestro has decided to become lenient with the DJs infamous

For their remixes, too. “Now they are free to remix as much as they want,” he laughs.